Boxing Star MOD APK (Unlimited Money and Gold) for android

Boxing Star MOD APK

Boxing Star MOD

Are you looking for an exciting and action-packed boxing game to challenge your skills? Look no further than Boxing Star MOD APK! Boxing Star MOD APK is an exciting game that allows you to customize your boxer, unleash powerful combos, and battle against other players in the ring. This MOD APK provides a unique gaming experience that you won’t find anywhere else. With stunning graphics and intense sound effects, you’ll be able to feel the tension in every match. Plus, the MOD APK offers a wide range of customization options, so you can make your boxer look and fight exactly the way you want.Game Boxing Star is download with google play store or our web site.

Story Boxing Star MOD APK

Boxing Star MOD APK is a great 3D fighting game, providing a unique and exciting experience for boxing enthusiasts. It is a game developed for mobile phones, tablets, and PCs that allows players to train in and compete in the ring against opponents.

The game has a highly detailed character creator, allowing players to choose from a wide variety of different clothing, hairstyles, and other customization options to create their own character. Players must practice their boxing skills in order to win fights in the ring, as well as earn money to improve and upgrade their character. With over thirty different levels, Boxing Star MOD APK has something for everyone.

In addition to its exciting and unique gameplay, Boxing Star MOD APK also offers a strong social component, allowing players to connect with others online and compete against them in friendly matches. Players can form teams and compete against each other, or join tournaments and compete for cash prizes and other rewards.

Overall, Boxing Star MOD APK is a great game for boxing fans. It provides a fun and immersive gaming experience, with plenty of customization options and exciting gameplay. With its strong social component, players can enjoy competing with others in friendly matches or tournaments, while also making some money on the side.

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Feature Boxing Star MOD APK

Boxing Star MOD APK is an amazing and intense boxing game, where players get to live the life of a boxing champion as they compete against other boxers and go up the ranks. Players can customize their boxer’s style, appearance, and skills to make their fighter unique. Along with intense 3D graphics, players can choose from a wide variety of moves and combos to win their fights.

The MOD APK allows players to enjoy the game with unlimited money, so they don’t have to worry about losing any coins. Players can upgrade their boxer with the best gear and techniques, creating the ultimate boxing champion. The MOD APK also removes all ads from the game, giving players an uninterrupted and satisfying gaming experience.

Overall, Boxing Star MOD APK is an action-packed and thrilling game, where players can experience the thrill of being a boxing champion. This MOD APK allows players to enjoy all the features of the game without any limitations, making it a must-have for all boxing fans.

Mod features  Boxing Star MOD APK

Boxing Star MOD APK is a unique game that offers gamers the experience of becoming professional boxers. The MOD APK version of the game gives gamers access to unlimited money and gems, which can be used for customizing their fighter and purchasing upgrades and items.

The MOD APK version also offers gamers the chance to play online with their friends and compete with each other. Players can battle it out in tournaments and win rewards. They can also customize their opponent’s character and challenge them to a fight.

The MOD APK version of the game also offers players the ability to adjust the difficulty level to their liking. This allows gamers to choose the difficulty that best suits their skill level. For example, if a player has difficulty with the game, they can choose to make the game easier to suit their skill level.

The MOD APK version of the game also offers players the chance to unlock special abilities and abilities to use during the fight. This includes unlocking special attacks and abilities, as well as customizing their character’s attributes and equipment.

Overall, the MOD APK version of the game is a great way for gamers to experience the world of professional boxing without having to pay for it.

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Free download and install Boxing Star MOD APK

apkmodseries is a free android mod app store. Download and install updated mod versions of the latest popular games and apps for free.Game Boxing Star is download with google play store or our web site.

  • Uninstall the original game on your Android device.


  • Download the Boxing Star MOD APK from the link below.


  • Verify the authenticity of the file by downloading it and installing it. (If you see anything suspicious, just ignore it.)


  • Enjoy your game!

Final Thoughts Boxing Star MOD APK

Final Thoughts Boxing Star MOD APK is a very popular game in the world that has been played by millions of people. It is a boxing game where you will use your skills to fight with other players. You have to beat your opponent until he loses all his energy and then you will win. There are many different levels in this game, so you can get as high as you want to go. You can also choose the type of character that you want to play as, but I recommend only one character because they are very difficult to control. Overall, this is a great app for anyone who wants to play boxing games or any other type of games that require the use of hands and fingers. This game is free and no registration required!


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