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Embark on an epic journey to conquer the world with Epic Conquest 2! In this new and improved game you have the opportunity to lead your armies to victory and become the most powerful ruler in the world. As you battle your way through the game, you will face a variety of challenges and strategic decisions that will test your skills and knowledge of warfare. Along the way, you will gain experience, build powerful alliances, and defeat your enemies. Epic Conquest 2 is the ultimate game for those who enjoy a challenge and want to experience the thrill of a strategic conquest. With detailed graphics, realistic combat, and advanced AI, you’ll find yourself immersed in an unforgettable adventure

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Epic Conquest 2 is a hack and slash action-RPG developed and published by Gaco Games. The game features a unique and engaging story in which the player takes control of one of three heroes on a journey to save the world from a mysterious force.

The gameplay of Epic Conquest 2 is a mix of exploration, combat and puzzles. Players can explore the game’s huge open world and discover hidden secrets, fight powerful enemies and bosses, and solve puzzles to progress the story. The combat system is fast-paced and tactical, allowing players to use both weapons and spells to defeat their opponents.

The game also offers a variety of customization options, allowing players to customize their characters and equipment. The game also has an extensive crafting system, allowing players to create powerful weapons and items.

Overall, Epic Conquest 2 is a fantastic hack and slash RPG with a unique story, engaging combat, and a wealth of customization options. If you’re a fan of action-RPGs, Epic Conquest 2 is a must-play.


Epic Conquest 2 is an action-packed, RPG mobile game that offers a whole new adventure for gamers. Not only does it have a compelling story, but it also offers a wealth of features that will keep you playing for hours.

One of the greatest features in Epic Conquest 2 is the ability to customize your character. You can choose from a wide range of classes, each with their own unique abilities and skills. You can also customize your character’s weapons, armor, and abilities to suit your individual playstyle.

The game also features an expansive world to explore, with dungeons and bosses to conquer. You can also craft and upgrade your equipment as you progress through the game. The crafting system is deep and allows for a great deal of customization.

Epic Conquest 2 also features a variety of PvP modes. You can challenge other players in single-player or team battles. You can also join guilds to help other players complete missions, raids, and events.

Epic Conquest 2 has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a single-player RPG or a intense PvP experience, the game has you covered

Mod features 

Epic Conquest 2 has a great selection of mod features that make the game even more enjoyable. These features allow players to customize their gaming experience, while also getting access to some of the most popular mods.

The most popular mod feature is the ability to create custom levels. Players can design their own levels and share them with others. This allows players to enjoy their own unique gaming experiences, as well as experiencing the unique levels created by other players.

Other mod features in Epic Conquest 2 include custom skins, which allow players to customize the look of their characters. Players can also create custom game modes, such as Time Attack or Capture the Flag. With these custom game modes, players can create their own challenges and experience a variety of different gaming experiences.

Overall, Epic Conquest 2 has a great selection of mod features that allows players to customize and enhance their gaming experience. With the ability to create custom levels and game modes, as well as the opportunity to customize character skins, Epic Conquest 2 is a great way for players to enjoy their gaming experience.

How to download and install 

Epic Conquest 2 is a top-down action RPG for iOS and Android. It’s a remake of the classic PC game, Epic Conquest, that was released in 1998. Players take control of a group of adventurers who must explore a dangerous world filled with challenges.

Installing Epic Conquest 2 is relatively straightforward. It’s available for both iOS and Android. For iOS, users can go to the App Store and search for “Epic Conquest 2” and tap the download button. For Android, users can go to the Google Play Store and search for “Epic Conquest 2” and tap the install button. Epic Conquest 2 is a great game for anyone looking for an action-packed adventure. The game features stunning visuals, an immersive story, and plenty of challenges to keep players hooked. It’s worth checking out for any fan of RPGs.

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Enjoy different game modes

Epic Conquest 2 is a game that offers players a range of game modes to enjoy. These modes are designed to provide a unique and exciting gaming experience every time. The game offers players the standard story mode to follow, which includes a range of levels and characters to explore. Along with the story mode, Epic Conquest 2 also features a free-for-all mode, where players fight against each other and NPCs to complete objectives.

The game also features unique and challenging multiplayer modes, including capture the flag, domination and endurance. Each of these game modes offers a unique challenge to the players, with varying levels of difficulty and rewards. Additionally, Epic Conquest 2 also offers players the chance to create and play in custom matches, allowing them to create their own unique and exciting experiences.

Epic Conquest 2 also provides players with a range of customization options. Players can customize their characters, weapons and equipment to fit their playstyle. They can also customize their levels and maps to give their game a unique and exciting look. With the wide range of customization options available in Epic Conquest 2, players will never be bored playing the same game modes.

Overall, Epic Conquest 2 is a game that offers players a wide range of game modes to enjoy



Epic Conquest 2 has some of the best graphics and sound quality out there. The graphics are highly detailed and the color palette is vibrant, resulting in a very immersive experience. The 3D environments are beautiful and they are rendered with a high level of detail. The character models are also well-designed, with distinct personalities and a realistic appearance.

The sound design of Epic Conquest 2 is also top notch. The music is upbeat and engaging, and the sound effects are sharp and realistic. The voice acting is well-done, with clear and distinguishable performances. The sound design has been carefully crafted to create an energetic and exciting atmosphere for players to get lost in.

Overall, the graphics and sound quality in Epic Conquest 2 are excellent. The visuals are beautiful and vibrant, and the audio is sharp and immersive. It’s a great combination that helps make the game even more enjoyable.


Epic Conquest 2 is a great game, and its sound/music is one of the major highlights. The game features an immersive soundtrack that fits perfectly with the game’s atmosphere and style.

There are a variety of soundtracks that make up the game’s audio. The soundtrack is made up of an exciting mix of orchestral music, sound effects and soundscapes. The music features epic orchestral pieces that really add to the intensity of the game’s battles and make them even more exciting.

The sound effects are also great and are incredibly detailed. From the clashing of swords to the screams of monsters, the sound effects really bring the game to life and make it even more immersive.

The soundscapes are also great, with a variety of different ambient sounds that create an atmosphere of mystery and adventure. The soundscapes perfectly capture the feel of the game’s various locations, from the peaceful forests to the eerie dungeons.

Overall, the sound and music in Epic Conquest 2 are excellent. The soundtracks and soundscapes perfectly match the game’s style and atmosphere and the sound effects bring the game to life.

Final Thoughts

Epic Conquest 2 is a great game that has a lot to offer. It’s filled with challenging levels and fast-paced combat. The graphics are stunning, and the soundtrack is a perfect accompaniment to the action. The game has a lot of replay value and is a great way to relax, or even just to keep entertained.

Overall, Epic Conquest 2 is one of the best role-playing games out there. Whether you’re looking for a challenge or something to relax with, Epic Conquest 2 is definitely worth a try. The game is a great way to pass the time, and the adventurous story and varied levels are sure to keep you engaged. If you’re looking for a game with plenty of replay value, Epic Conquest 2 should be your go-to choice.


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