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Shadow Fighter MOD

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Shadow Fighter is a thrilling and challenging fighting game, in which you can play as a powerful shadow warrior. The goal of the game is to take on the world’s greatest fighters and become the ultimate champion. You’ll start off by selecting a character and equipping them with powerful weapons and armor.

The story of Shadow Fighter follows the journey of a lone fighter confronting impossible odds. After a powerful opponent blindsides the protagonist in battle, they are taken on a quest of self-discovery. Along the way, you’ll level up your character, collect powerful weapons and battle a host of powerful enemies.

Gameplay in Shadow Fighter is fast-paced and intense. Players must master a variety of martial arts techniques such as combos, counters, and special moves to defeat their opponents. As you progress in the game, you’ll unlock new weapons, armor, and even powerful magic spells to aid your quest.


Shadow Fighter is a fun and visually appealing fighting game with an impressive set of features. It’s designed to provide endless hours of entertainment with exciting gameplay, challenging levels, and lots of customization options.

The game has a wide selection of character classes, weapons, and items, allowing you to customize your character and fight against opponents in a variety of ways. You can also choose from over 150 stages and battle against computer-controlled opponents or other players online.

The game also features a tournament system, allowing you to participate in tournaments and win prizes. You can even join tournaments with your friends and other players from around the world.

The game also has an in-game currency that you can use to purchase new characters, weapons, items, and more. You can also use the currency to upgrade your character and make them stronger.

Enjoy the classic shadow fighting mechanics

Shadow Fighter is a fast-paced arcade fighting game, offering gamers a classic style of fighting that has been around since the days of the fighting game boom. Unlike other fighting games, Shadow Fighter has a unique mechanic where the players can use shadows to fight each other.

Players can create their own fighter and team up with other players to fight in intense battles. Players can choose from multiple characters and customize their fighter with different weapons and skills. The fast-paced action and the ability to customize characters make Shadow Fighter a great game for fans of the classic fighting game genre.

The game also has a great tutorial for those just starting out. The tutorial helps players understand the controls and the mechanics. The tutorial also has a practice mode where players can hone their skills.

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Fight the shadow enemies in different zones

Welcome to the world of Shadow Fighter – an adventure game that will take you on a journey to save the world from the forces of darkness. You will fight against strange enemies in different zones, each with their own challenges.

Choose your character and begin your mission. You will need to stay alert and use your skills and weapons to defeat your foes. You will have to choose wisely which weapons to use and which enemies to focus on. Each choice can have drastic consequences.

The game is full of challenges that will test your strategy and problem solving skills. You will face enemies from different backgrounds and you will have to make the best use of your resources to take them down.

Different monsters with various powers

Shadow Fighter is an action-packed fighting game developed by Playrise Digital and released for the Playstation 4 in 2016. Players take on the role of a shadow fighter, battling their way through hordes of monsters and bosses in order to save the world from a shadowy threat.

The monsters vary in type and power, giving each battle its own unique challenge. Some monsters boast incredible strength, while others may have formidable magical abilities such as teleportation or the ability to heal. Players must use their skills and creativity to navigate these battles.

One of the game’s unique features is its ability to generate new monsters with varying abilities, making each playthrough unique. Each monster is a challenge, and the player must use the various weapons and abilities at their disposal to defeat them.

In addition to the monsters, the game also features powerful bosses. These bosses test the player’s skill and strategic thinking, as they require the player to carefully consider their tactics.

Take on the fights in various levels

Shadow Fighter is an action-packed 2D fighting game that allows players to take on epic fights in various levels. Players will fight through a number of enemies, each with their own unique attack patterns and strategies. The game is designed to be challenging and the difficulty will increase as you progress through the game. Players can choose from a variety of characters and weapons to customize their fighting style to better suit their playstyle.

The game also features a unique set of combos and special moves that can be used to enhance your fighting abilities. With various levels, unique characters, and a variety of weapons, Shadow Fighter offers an immersive and exciting experience. The game also features leaderboards, allowing players to compete with one another and rank up.

Multiple heroes with different fighting styles

Shadow Fighter is a fast-paced beat-em-up game featuring multiple heroes with different fighting styles. Each of the four main characters have their own individual skills and special moves. For instance, the leader of the group, Shadow, is able to unleash a powerful energy attack that can take down multiple enemies in one hit. He also has the power to manipulate shadows and use them as weapons, creating portals that lead to other realms.

The other three characters, Blade, Shade, and Firestorm, all bring a unique style of combat to the table. Blade is a master swordsman who specializes in close-quarters combat, while Shade is able to manipulate the shadows around her to create deadly illusions. Firestorm, on the other hand, is a fiery powerhouse who can incinerate enemies with her incendiary attacks.

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Complete daily quests and get your daily prizes

Shadow Fighter is an online game that allows players to battle their way through various levels and earn rewards. Every day, players can complete daily quests to gain valuable items, experience, and coins. Daily quests range from playing in special tournaments to defeating enemies or completing puzzles.

The rewards you receive for completing these quests can help you become a better Shadow Fighter. You can get coins to purchase new weapons, armor, and items that increase your character’s stats. You can also earn experience to level-up your character and make them stronger.

The best part about completing daily quests is that you can get daily prizes. These prizes range from rare equipment to exclusive skins and other items. With these rewards, you can become the ultimate Shadow Fighter.

Enjoy the offline gameplay

Shadow Fighter is one of the most popular combat games that offer players the chance to enjoy the fun of playing in offline mode. The game features various levels and challenges, offering players a wide range of options to choose from.

Shadow Fighter is a great game for those who want to enjoy the experience of playing a game without the pressure of competing against others or having to connect to the internet. The game is a single player title that can be played on your own time and is perfect for those who just need a break from the everyday stresses of life.

The game also features several unique characters, ranging from ninjas, to robots, to samurais. These characters each have their own abilities and way of combat, making each game experience unique and exciting.

Free to play

Shadow Fighter is an exciting free-to-play fighting game that is sure to keep you entertained for hours. It’s full of intense combat and martial arts-inspired mechanics, making it a great choice for players of all skill levels.

The game features a unique system of upgrades and character customization called “Shadow Styles.” Players can use these styles to customize their characters and increase their strength and speed. The game also features a wide range of weapons and gadgets, allowing players to find the one that suits their playstyle and preferences.

The game also offers online play, so players can challenge each other and compete against others on the global leaderboard. This makes it a great way to test your skills, show off your progress, and even have some friendly competition with your friends.

Enjoy the unlocked game on our website

Welcome to the world of shadow fighting! Shadow Fighter is a dynamic and exciting game that is perfect for gamers of all levels. Whether you’re new to the genre or a veteran, you’ll enjoy the intense action, heart pounding music, and challenging levels that Shadow Fighter offers.

At our website, you can unlock the full version of the game and enjoy all the features. We have a variety of levels, from easy to difficult, that will keep you on your toes as you battle your way to the end. You’ll have access to a variety of weapons and special abilities that will help you take on your opponents. Plus, you’ll enjoy the beautiful graphics, immersive sound effects, and the sense of accomplishment that comes with winning each level.

Visual and sound quality


Shadow Fighter is known for its impressive visuals. The game features highly detailed graphics, realistic lighting, and intricate environments. Players will be overwhelmed by the beauty of the game. The characters are rendered with lifelike proportions and detailed animations. The game also features some amazing environments with unique landscapes and detailed textures.

The game also features some incredibly immersive sound design. All of the sound effects are top-notch and the soundtrack is composed of some great tracks. Additionally, all of the music and sound effects are in perfect harmony, creating a truly immersive gaming experience.

Sound & Music

Shadow Fighter is a fighting game that delivers an immersive experience. With its powerful sound design, it brings the action of a classic martial arts movie to life.

The sound effects are designed to draw players into the action. From the impact of punches and kicks to the special attack sounds, each sound is crafted to add atmosphere and intensity to the game. The soundtrack is a mix of traditional Asian music and modern compositions, providing an interesting backdrop to the action.

The sound design really stands out in the sound of each character. Each fighter has their own unique voice, which helps to increase the game’s replay value. The sound of the characters performing special moves is particularly impressive, with realistic punches, kicks, and even environmental reverberations.

Final thoughts

Shadow Fighter is a fun and addicting game that is perfect for those looking for a challenge. The game is fast-paced and requires quick reflexes to achieve the best possible score. The controls are simple and easy to learn, allowing players to get comfortable with the game quickly. Despite the simple controls, the game is quite challenging and requires a lot of skill to master. The graphics are also very impressive and add to the overall gaming experience.


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